Bay Window Bedroom Plans: The Room The Renovation Forgot.


So we bought our current place back in October 2015, and when we moved in it was literally a set of 5 bedsits split into two apartments which had not been touched since the 90’s.

7 different kinds of window. Not one original.  

7 different kinds of window. Not one original.  


It was feral. Feral beyond words. The kitchens were stinking. The furniture looked like it could be called for evidence in a murder trial at any time and the whole layout of the place was wrong. Everything you looked at was wrong.  Great starting point you may say - fresh canvas. Well two years later, and now that the arguements are all but over and the pain of what we went through is not quite so fresh in my memory I may agree with you. However the one thing that is still fresh in my mind to this day and more urgent with every passing month is that I am never going to do it again. I may purchase houses and renovate them, and I certainly will do it as an interior designer for customers however I will never live in a property that I am renovating again. You think it will work. It won’t.

When you live in a place you are renovating, this is your life. You know where nothing is and you die inside a little bit every day. Don't say you weren't warned.

When you live in a place you are renovating, this is your life. You know where nothing is and you die inside a little bit every day. Don't say you weren't warned.


Anywho, most of the work was done within the first 3 months broadly speaking. This meant that it was difficult to stand back from the renovation and see it with fresh eyes. I can walk into someone elses property and quickly analyse what could be done to improve it. Not so with my own. All I could see were the decisions we had made and then the aggro surrounding them. It took a while! Adding colour to the walls didn’t begin until about a year ago and started with the duck egg blue of the kitchen. That was a bit of a no brainer though as it matched part of the worktops I had installed.  


In the instances of the guest bedrooms I never did get round to creating a cohesive look. They became ‘finished’ the second the undercoat had dried on the walls. It’s a new year however, and I have an urge to create one of the rooms that has been lingering in the back of my minds eye for a while now.  I’ll be working on the bay bedroom at the front of the property with a south westerly facing aspect. It gets flooded with golden light in the late afternoon and I want to use that alongside the original fireplace that we discovered behind some MDF as inspiration for the look of the room.

The bay bedroom just before we had the radiator moved to create a space the bed could go against.

The bay bedroom just before we had the radiator moved to create a space the bed could go against.


In terms of description of what I want to achieve I’m calling it the ‘Story Book Getaway’. Warm wood, four poster bed, gold gilding, oodles of vintage books, layers of sheepskin and silks and a crackling fire to welcome you. In fact fuck it. I’m moving into the room. Guests can slum it in my bedroom instead.



pretty in pink

in terms of wall colours, I'm prepared to go quite bold. I'm in two minds still about whether to have a feature wall. I never did decide where I stood on them to be honest. I am still a bit in love with the Pantone colour of the year 2016 Rose Quartz so it's going to be something along those lines. I want the walls to emanate warmth.



The flooring is going to start with a seal coloured, wall to wall carpet and then I'm thinking about layering it with a few sheepskins and a cheeky Persian rug or two.



Plate Feature

In January last year I stayed in a fantastic hostel in Barcelona that had made great use of vintage plates by creating wall features with them. They darted up and down and into corners like billowing clouds. This will certainly feature in the room. I've been greedily stashing ones I want to use for a while now.


Vintage Books

I've collected books since I was a child and have quite a large selection now which I want to feature in the room. Whenever we have guests to stay, we like to leave books out that they may find amusing. This room will be a library in some senses. What better place to rest?


Warm Wood

The centre piece to the room will be an antique bed I discovered in the attic of a local building. I am moving away from the current fashion for blonde wood and teak which features elsewhere in the house. I want to bring a sense of history and grounding with depth of tone in the furniture.


Plant Paradise

Everyone that knows me knows that I am plant crazy and have an ability to supersize anything that enters my home quite rapidly. Plants will feature heavily in the design. Apart from anything else they improve the quality of the air you sleep in! 

So basically these are my first steps. I'll pick my colour this week and probably set about getting that on the walls so I can stand back from it and think about what it needs around it. Crucially I suppose I'll need to make that decision about whether to go for the feature wall also at that stage. Increasingly I'm thinking I won't need one but you never know.



Mood board alert! 

Mood board alert! 

So basically that's it. Sign up for the newsletter to get more info about what is going on in my world and for special deals on the retro furniture side of things. Let me know what you're thinking too and I'll be back next week with an update on the room.