Pleasing Myself

So I’m wandering round one of my local haunts a few days ago and I notice a set of five purple-black hand blown glass calla lily shades.  I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when it comes to things like this.  One thing that I did know intuitively however was that I absolutely had to buy them. 


That evening I set the internet alight with pictures of them on antique and glass collectors forums trying to find out more.  Opinion was very much divided with one camp suggesting that they were original 19th century pieces and the other strongly feeling that they were modern repros.  All agreed that they would originally have been housed in an art nouveau lamp - perhaps with figures of women holding them. 

Enter the dilemma; I really can’t be doing with anything art nouveau. I struggle with art deco at the best of times.  Moral question time.  They should really go back into something sympathetic to their style - but I wouldn’t like the end product.  In the end I decide they they are going to be for my own house and what I do in my own house is completely up to me.  

So I decide to please myself.  Black three cord fabric flex.   A 5 piece ceiling rose and some brushed aluminium light sockets it is.  I am going to suspended them at different lengths from the ceiling rose to a maximum of about 1 meter in drop so they create a cluster.  Then I am going to hang it over my bed so I can wake up every morning and remind myself that there is no point trying to please everyone else. In the words of Oscar Wilde ’ be yourself - everyone else is already taken’.